League of Legends

Big News

We are welcoming our newest addition to the team, Deyeneira Serrano.  We call her Dey, she is 11 years old and she recently moved to AZ. Her favorites hobbies are drawing, painting and riding her quad.  She is pretty awesome. She is currently playing Monster Hunter, Overwatch, Stardew Valley, League of Legends and Minecraft. She will be sharing her perspective on the games we play.  She is still learning so any pointers will be greatly appreciated. Have fun, Dey!

League of Legends

Gaming in the Professional Industry

Have you ever noticed the small amount of gaming groups available on LinkedIn. I personally have a lot of connections and I don’t have the balls to post anything about gaming nor have I seen a post about the gaming industry and the potential it has to bring in income to your household. I would like to point out that I am a big fan of gaming and am in no way ashamed of the things I like the most but I still can’t take upon myself to talk about in a few of my social media accounts.

I love my workplace. The company is amazing. It has great benefits, awesome leadership, the co-workers are more than ok and it’s a a great commute. This company is on the correct track and it has a lot potential to grow. They are soon to become leaders in their industry which is booming by the way. Even with all these things I feel like I’m wasting away under the umbrella.

If I had the chance to take a leadership position with a huge pay raise I would decline. Not only is it an eternity to work 40 hours, I cannot imagine having to work 55+ hours and being responsible for others people success. It’s just not for me. I’ve recently asked around and most of my coworkers not only judged me but specifically told me to grow up. Most of them asked questions like, how can you spend time in the computer at home after working 8 hours straight?

I guess I need to play and reset my mind so I can come look at your face again tomorrow. Oh and they almost had a heart attack when I asked if they had watched the last episode of Attack of Titan.

Slowly but surely I’ve come to realize that it’s not about the money, it’s about doing what you love no matter what. There is no room for my love of games in this industry or in any other. I clearly don’t fit in so the question is, when is it going to be enough? When am I going to do something about it?

Look, if you are young and your reading this please don’t stop playing. Don’t “grow up” and just learn how you can make a living out of something you already do and love. As for me it’s never to late to start over and stop being miserable at my wonderful 9-5 job. I will see you guys in twitch.

League of Legends

If you can’t beat them, join them.

This one is for all the girlfriends out there who are tired of being in a competition with the PlayStation, Xbox or the PC.  Let’s be honest I think almost 90% of women out there go through the same ordeal.  In the last year I have learned that the love that people have for games is just not going to go away.  We can stop playing for a little, but we are just going to back to playing as soon as a friend breaks out a beer and says log in, the mates are all here. We can’t help it.

In the last year my relationship has only gotten stronger due to the time that we spend together playing League of Legends.  We play together and against each other and the competition get intense. (Like I want to sleep in the sofa every time he wins intense)

angry michelle tanner GIF by Bubble Punk

Now in this same year I have witnessed how a few relationships just deteriorate because they keep losing each other to the freaking game.  I’ve seen schedule conflicts, loss of interest and even judging because they don’t understand why we play so much.

The fact of the matter is that they won’t stop playing.  You can break the console, you can turn it off, you can do what you please and it’s just going to make things worse.  Because for us it’s disrespectful.  It’s disrespectful to disconnect the person that’s carrying the game, OK.  The people that are connected will be affected by this too, not to mention that you will get reported and you might even loose access to that account.  The account that you have invested five years of your life too, not to mention the money.  So, trust me when I say that it’s worth losing a marriage over this. So, relax.

My recommendation to you is that you sit down and at least learn whatever game they are playing.  Understand the skill required and get to know who your man is playing with.  These are important people, become a part of this awesome group.  Maybe you like it enough to play.  Hey, maybe your man needs a healer, or maybe a support. Make it a game between you too, make it fun and competitive. My husband and I have gaming dates and it’s the best thing ever.  Whatever the case may be if you can’t beat them (and you won’t), join them.