About Us

Hi guys! Welcome to The Official Newb my name is Angie or Abutor17.  I am the creator of The Official Newb. I play video games with my brothers and my husband. I am in all sense of the word a newb and I absolutely love it and hate it.  Here, I’ll share some of our stories, videos, experiences and some of the reasons why we do what we do.  All in hopes to form a community that enjoys gaming and all the pleasures its brings to our lives.

Our content will be made by all of us and will differ in many ways. We’re all likely to focus on what each of us enjoy and share it in our preferred way (blog, vlog, stream, review, rants and whatever else we think about). We hope that everybody can find something they’ll like and can relate to.

Personal Intros

Abutor17: Hello again fellow gamers, I want to share a bit more about me. I am a mother of 2 smaller Newbs that are constantly testing my Psycho-Meter. They keep me busy but in my downtime I enjoy a good game, by this I mean a game were my big bro is screaming at me cuz I still don’t know how to basic attack in League of Legends… or cuz I never use my ultimate. See Example below…


I am going to be handlining the social media, marketing and research but you will hear and see me trolling in an occasional game with these guys. My overall goal with this page is to create a community for gamers of all ages where we can share and be who we are without any judgement. Join us, and if you like what you see like our Facebook page and stay up to date with all our shenanignas!


ShadowWalker: My wife told me to stop acting like a flamingo. So I had to put my foot down.

That’s me. I’m the cringy one of the group and everyone can confirm it. My name is Jerome and I love gaming, motorcycles and spending time with my family . I am going to focus on streaming and entertainment. I love sharing funny clips and finding videos that teach me to be better. I mostly stream Apex but I really enjoy League of Legends, Monster Hunter, UFC and many more. I love trying new games and playing with new people so swing by one of my streams and shoot me a message so we can rank up together. My overall goal is to reach as many people as possible, share our community and enjoy games the way they should be.

Here a little preview of my awesomeness.


Angelus: My name is Angel F. Berrios the eldest of the Abutor’s siblings. I’ll be handling all those sweet RPGs and other random games that my family won’t touch. I grew up in the PS1/PS2 and some of my fondest childhood video game memories revolve around Final Fantasy games, Dark Cloud, Harvest moon, some Yu-Gi-Oh games (Duelist of the Roses, Forbidden Memories) and many more. I also dabbled in the Nintendo consoles – N64, GameCube and Gameboy so many hours dumped into those games. I can’t help tearing up with joy just thinking about it. Some of my goals here at The Official Newb blog will be to dive into some of those games again, write my own reviews (in my style) and check out any new games that interest me. Come for a ride with me! Give your opinions, ideas and let’s have a good f****** time! – Angelus (Image of me with some random dude)