League of Legends


I think that Minecraft is a great game because the person needs to think smart, and creative. In Minecraft, there are many ways to express yourself.  Such as building a house with the colors you want, the size you want and you can even have pets.

To build a house there are many decisions you have to make like, where you are gonna build your house and what materials you’re gonna make it out of.  When you start a new game you start out with nothing so what are you going to do? Are you going to mine, punch trees and other stuff? The first thing to do is punch those trees because you need 2 sticks and 3 pieces of wood to make a wooden pickaxe.  After you do that you can start mining.

Keep an eye out for important things you get while mining like stone, iron ore, gold ore, and diamond ore. After all of that, you can pick what your house is made of.  After I build my house I usually work on a farm and focus on getting food and animals.  I start breeding them and making my food supply bigger.  I also like to make an unlimited water source by making 2 by 2 square and adding water to all the corners but in order to do that, you need a lot of iron to build the bucket.

Some parents might not like Minecraft because of “violence”,  there is a lot of dying and killing in the game.  You get to kill zombies, skeletons, witches and other monsters that attack you out of nowhere. I think this game is very fun and entertaining and it’s definitely better for younger kids. I recommend this for kids my age instead of games like Fortnite.  This is more rewarding and way more fun.

-Dey, Diabloshunter8

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