League of Legends

5 Reasons why we Play.

Hello again!! Thank you for joining me once more. So, I’m going to start off with letting you guys know that we are all adults. Our age group is 25-35 with pretty successful jobs and pretty big kids. Now this is just to show you that gaming is not only for kids and teenagers. With this blog I want to share the reasons why we keep playing and why we are not going to stop. We are a group of 6-8 people (soon to be more) that have different reasons why we play but we have the same goal in mind. We really see this as a challenge and we want to get better. Whether is in Overwatch, League of Legends or any other game in particular. For my specific case the reason why I keep playing is because I want to get better than my brothers someday. So here we go, five reasons why we play.

Reason number 5.

To be honest as adults we like to drink. So, we have created a pretty cool drinking game. Since we are in our house we don’t spend too much money, we buy a few beers split them between everyone and we are all safe and sound in our homes. There is only one rule and it’s pretty simple. If you die, you drink. It does not end well for me in most cases. (I’m always dying). It’s actually pretty funny and the insults get pretty intense. Drinking makes everything a little bit more interesting.

Reason number 4

Family time is golden for us so for reason number 4 I have to say that we play because we like to spend time with each other. This is our time and it’s super important to us and if someone doesn’t want to play we get offended. Not really but we expect everyone to be present and alive, well for most of the game. They can’t feed on purpose because we will report them.


This keeps our family up to date with stuff that’s happening in our life’s and we actually speak to each other. A message in Facebook just isn’t enough for us anymore so we have grown accustomed to this game time. We try to play every Tuesday without fail.

Reason number 3

This reason is actually very important to me. I release a lot of stress while I’m playing this game. So, reason number 3 is that gaming helps with our daily stress and tension build up from work. In reason number 5 I let you guys now that the insults get pretty intense, well screaming and yelling actually makes me feel better and laughing at our fails is the cherry on top. I say that everyone should play at least 3-4 hours a week. My coworkers actually ask me if I was up late playing cause even though I’m tired I’m in a very good mood so my sales actually get a little boost because of this.

Reason number 2

You can be social in these games. I’ve met amazing people just because we have a mutual interest in these games. I’ve met new friends through my brothers and we love to play with them. Even though we may not see them ever, it’s still a way to socialize and practice those very import skills. Because I’ve become accustomed to talking to random people I’ve become better at expressing myself through the phone, this means that it has a direct effect in my career so I see more value in this game.

Reason number 1

I left this for number one for a reason. I speak for myself on this one but I really hope everyone shares my same thoughts.  After I succeed in a game I feel like I accomplished something.


This feeling last for a few days but I feel recognized and motivated to set more ambitious goals in my life. Like this blog for example. I experience a few emotions at the same time even feeling love for the game at one moment. The best way to explain it would be that I feel real passion for this game and I want to mimic this passion with my work and my family. For me it’s not just an escape from work, for me it’s the most important, I can even say the most productive thing I can do in a day. I simply love gaming and I appreciate everything that comes with it. Even the frustrating fails. I want everyone that reads this to feel the same way! And these are a few of the reasons why we play and of course why we are not going to stop.